About me

Since I studied Egyptology I could not abandon my fascination for the art of the ancient Egyptians.

For years I have been looking for a procedure that enables me to apply hieroglyphs and pictures on wooden ground as authentically and permanently as possible. After numerous setbacks and experiments I succeeded to develop a method to fix the luminance of the colours durably. Old furniture represents a great challenge as the mostly non-uniform surfacings require very careful and experienced work. At the same time the pieces that are made of massive wood and that carry for their part a piece of history have a very special aura which a new piece of furniture never has. Expecially the combination of historical handcraft and ancient Egyptian art yields a totally new and exciting result.

My work is executed exclusively and manually by myself. There are no mechanical or prefabricated steps of procedure and it demands many hours of  the most careful working until a piece of furniture comes into being, which will delight you even if you look more closely. All used paints and varnishes are harmless to humans, animals and the environment. The exclusive use of elderly furniture is not only owed to the variety but also to the conservation of our planet’s resourcrs.