You wish to express your desire for luck, happiness and security in an original ? Or you need an extravagant gift for one or even two special persons? This is the right page.

Already the ancient Egyptians painted their walls, doors and mummy coffins with the insignia oft he Udjat-eyes as a lucky charm and protective amulett. Through to the present days this custom has been preserved in Egypt and can also be found on the boats of the Maltese fisher-men, the so-called Luzzu, where it is to offer shelter against the dangers of the Sea.

My amulet-pictures are painted on birchwood, sealed by an ecologically safe matt varnish and the corners are protected by brass fittings. You can chose among numerous colours. The single boards with two versions, a left eye, the moon-eye (eye of Horus) and a right eye, the sun-eye (eye of Ra) allow your pleasure of combination to run free, the bigger couple boards with eye-pairs for weddings and jubilees are a real great eye-catcher on every wall.  The cartouches can be issued with any names in hieroglyphic writing, or symbols as there are orientation signs, numbers etc. There are so many possibilities which I would like to create according to your wishes and ideas.

All pictures are hand-painted and signed.

Special sizes are available on demand.

Single boards (23 cm x 19 cm)










Couple boards (56 cm x 23 cm)