Nefertari Unique Furniture

Unique handcrafted luxury furniture

Give yourself the extraordinary luxury of my hand-painted furniture that will carry you away into the mysterious world of Egyptian art.

Through extensive manual labour this functional furniture, manufactured in former times from solid wood and by traditional construction methods are transformed into unparalleled individual items.

The unique charisma of this furniture creates a mystic ambience and fascinates every observer immediately. My creations may be considered as an expression of your distinguished taste in decor. In your commercial sectors or your home, they will highlight the sophisticated life-style that you lead.


Make your range of goods more attractive for instance by means of the incomparable effect of the Nefertari furniture as an eye-catcher in your shop-window or jazz up your show room.

It’s also possible to get this exquisite design transferred onto your own furniture because I carry out my works  according to your individual taste. Dedications, names, slogans and wishes are presentable in hieroglyphic translation. Thus enables you to give an exquisite present to yourself or to others. All pieces of furniture are hand signed.